SST Smart Controller

The self-adjusting irrigation controller that considers up-to-the-moment climate conditions to deliver the exact water needed throughout the system, all season long. It receives data from its own weather station, which is installed on a high, unobstructed area, such as your house roof. Your Select Sprinkler technician will set up your SST, inputting details like shade levels, soil types and plant types on your property.

This is the controller for you if you want the certainty of knowing your lawns and gardens are always getting the water they need, without having to make any adjustments yourself. It’s hands- and worry-free!

Timer-based Controller

An easy-to-use controller that offers customized irrigation throughout your property based on its many differing needs. Watering schedules are set by zone and can then be left to operate as programmed. The system’s rain sensor will automatically shut off irrigation if it starts to rain while watering is on.

Clients often choose this system because it can also be easily adjusted manually to tweak scheduling for seasonal changes, like extended dry or rainy periods. Your Select Sprinkler technician will provide an orientation on how to use the controller when you’re ready to start, and you can take it from there.

With all of our controllers – and all of our products – we are happy to provide assistance or answer any questions whenever you need it. Just let us know!

Your irrigation system headquarters, the controller provides highly customizable and responsive irrigation for your property’s many and changing demands.

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