Rotor Heads

Great for lawns and large areas of turf, the rotor and impact style heads shoot water exactly where it’s needed, especially useful where water coverage is needed at both short and longer distances. The water amount and spray arc are adjustable, and of course can be fully scheduled to go on and off as needed. Rotor heads come in 4” and 12” sizes.

Spray Heads

Spray heads are effective for medium or smaller lawns or sections of a garden. Water can be adjusted to precisely reach a line of shrubs or a side lawn section, for example. This can also be useful for delivering water quantities and frequencies that are particular to a certain area, possibly due to different plant types or sun levels. Spray heads come in 4”, 6” and 12” sizes and in the following types:

  • Strip series - side, end or full strip for precise coverage where it’s needed.
  • 0 –360 spray - adjustable for the exact section of the circle needed.
  • Traditional sprinkler style

It’s the best way to deliver maximum water coverage, in the right quantities  and  at  the  right  times.

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